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Marine surface-mounted LED lighting is an essential component for enhancing visibility and safety on boats and other maritime vessels. Designed to be installed directly onto surfaces, these lights offer a straightforward and efficient lighting solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Marine surface-mounted LEDs are renowned for their robust construction, capable of withstanding the challenging marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, humidity, and extreme temperatures. These lights provide bright, consistent illumination with minimal energy consumption, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Their sleek design not only improves the vessel's aesthetic appeal but also ensures easy installation and maintenance. Ideal for various applications, from deck lighting to cabin illumination, marine surface-mounted LED lights are a versatile and reliable option for enhancing your maritime experience.


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The Vista Series

Explore the diverse range of K2 Lighting's Vista Series, featuring robust marine LED lights from 4 to 7 inches, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These models are equipped with customizable color temperatures and RGB capabilities, all housed in durable, stylish trims to enhance any marine environment.

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