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Vista 5 - 5 Inch marine LED Light

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Finish: Modern Chrome Polished Trim 316 SS
Connection: 2 Wire
User Selectable Color Output: Red Blue and White (3000K) IP65

The Vista 5 marine LED Light combines the best features of three distinct marine LED lights into one versatile product. This 5-inch LED light offers a unique blend of color temperature options and color control, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. It's ETL certified to ensure long-lasting, reliable operation in marine environments. It offers a wide range of input voltage suitable for any 12V DC or 24V DC system and has 300 Lumens of light output.


  • Diameter: 5"
  • Input Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Power Consumption: 5W for white, 2.5W for blue, 1.5W for red
  • Color Options:
    • White: User-selectable color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
    • Red and Blue: Ideal for preserving night vision or setting ambiance
  • Color Control:
    • 2-Wire Control: Microprocessor-controlled dimming and color selection via a simple control switch sequence
    • 3-Wire Control: Separate wire pairs for each color, offering quick color selection flexibility
  • CRI: 90+
  • IP Rating: Available in IP44 or IP65 for moisture and dust resistance
  • Trim Options: 316 stainless steel in polished or powder-coated white, available in radiused (Classic) or square (Modern) contours
  • Design: Low-profile for limited space installations
  • Light Output: 300 Lumens
  • Package Dimensions:
    5.9" 5.5" 2.1"
  • Shipping Weight: 11.1 oz.

This advanced model combines aesthetic versatility with functional robustness, making it suitable for a wide range of marine applications, from luxury yachts to rugged workboats.

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